Our cattery is separate from the dog area and offers full size floor to ceiling areas with window perches, climbing posts, hiding spots, and furniture.

Every day the cats are let out one at a time into our lobby area for individual attention while we clean their living space.

We provide the litter but require the owner to provide the food.
We are educated in, and comfortable with the handling of other pets in addition to dogs and cats.

$11.00/day for single cats
$20.00/day for two cats in the same environment
$25.00/day for three cats in the same environment
Owner provides all food and treats, litter is supplied by the kennel
(multi cat discount applies to cats from the same household, kept together in one enclosure who can be fed together without separation)
**There is no charge for your pick-up day if your cat(s) leave in our regular morning hours**
$7.00/day for "exotic pets" (birds/guinea pigs/iguanas/etc.) per cage
owner provides all food/bedding and cage
Any boarding that is more than 30 days must have a 50% deposite made on drop off day.
Any boarding that is scheduled to last more than 30 days qualifies for our 10% "extended stay discount". Please call us to inquire about the details of this offer.
Please note! Our goal is to provide clean, healthy, low stress and secure environment for your pet. Therefore we reserve the right to refuse boarding to any animal that has has not been innoculated, has evidence of fleas, is overly aggressive, or is destructive to our equipment.

Please give us a call for your birds, pocket pets, and/or reptiles too!

Our rates are $7.00/day/cage.