Looking to see if I am a member of the ABKA (American Boarding Kennel Association)? Well...I am not. And the reason I am not is I feel it is an expensive bit of nonesense.

I went through the application process for the "club". All the process required was that I have:

1. A valid kennel license.
2. A website with pictures of my facility
3. $375.00 for annual dues

No inspection. No verification of who I am, what I do and how I care for animals. Do you know how easy it is to fake a website? When I turned down the admission into this club, I was then contacted by a representative who offered to discount my membership dues if I would just join their ranks. Quite frankly I find it to be disgusting.

So this kennel will not pop up on a national search since I am not a member, but I really don't care since my business is local. If you want to know about me I invite you to ask around the area and then give me a call and make an appointment to see me, the cleanliness of my facility and what I have to offer you and your pet from my 40 years of experience in the animal care.

* Member of the local Chamber of Commerce and supporting charities since 2001