Newly renovated kennels provide individual privacy and a stress free environment for each dog. Additional services available for boarding dogs are daily walks, group play with other dogs, individual play (ball throwing, etc.) and/or grooming. Additional fees apply if any of these services are requested.


Boarding dogs are turned out for exercise and to relieve themselves either individually or in their family groups in our large covered, secure and well lit gravel run several times each day and evening. Turn outs start at approximately 6:30am and ends at approximately 9pm.


Our facility is clean and secure. We have radiant in-floor heat in the cool weather and air conditioning in the warm weather. Air circulation and de-humidification runs all year.

Our indoor runs have solid walls to reduce dog to dog stress.

We handle all dogs multiple times a day to turn them outside for play and exercise with the last turn out at approximately 9pm. This ensures that we know if your dog is feeling well during its visit with us.

 Our close proximity to Moosehead Trail Veterinary Hospital ensures medical attention if necessary, however we will always follow owner instructions for preferred veterinary care.

Our 12' wide by 40' long covered (all weather) and well lit (safe after dark) exercise yard is secure and cleaned after each dog use. We have a 2' gravel bed in the run to ensure proper sanitation.

If your dog needs to be off gravel to eliminate we will gladly take them outside. We offer a daily walking service starting at $5.00/walk, which offers your dog a nice outing to the field adjoining the kennel.

We follow owner instructions for feeding and medications at no extra charge. Owners provide food and treats.

If our facility is full and we cannot accommodate you, or if you simply prefer not to board, we offer professional in home care for pets and livestock. Please call as rates are determined by distance, number of animals cared for and frequency of visits. 


Dog Day Boarding and Overnight rates are:

$18.00/day for single dogs
$30.00/day for two dogs in one family in the same run
$38.00/day for three dogs in one family in the same run
$45.00/day for four dogs in one family in the same run
(multi dog discount applies to dogs in the same family, kept together in one run who can be fed together without separation)
*Owner provides all food and treats
**there is no charge for your pick-up day if your dog(s) leave in our regular morning hours**
**Please note: we do accept unspayed and uncastrated dogs for boarding. However we reserve the right to charge an extra $1.00/day extra cleaning fee if necessary for "messy" bitches in season and/or intact males that are excessive "markers". This is determined on a per case basis and may not be necessary**
Extra Services: Daily Walks - $5 per day; Play Time - $5 per hour
Any boarding that is more than 30 days must have a 50% deposite made on drop off day.
Any boarding that is scheduled to last more than 30 days qualifies for our 10% "extended stay discount". Please call us to inquire about the details of this offer.
Please note! Our goal is to provide clean, healthy, low stress and secure environment for your pet. Therefore we reserve the right to refuse boarding to any animal that has has not been innoculated, has evidence of fleas, is overly aggressive, destructive to our equipment or is an excessive barker.

No Dogs Accepted without a "Meet and Greet"


All dogs that have not boarded with us already must have a “meet and greet” and will not be accepted for boarding until we have had one.  There is no charge for this meeting which must be scheduled at a mutually agreed upon time.  The owner will be requested to leave the dog with us and return in one hour.  During this time we will asses if the dog will be comfortable with us and our facility or if it would be better with another style of care.  (Cats are accepted without a meeting.)

We require proof of veterinary administered vaccines before your dog enters our building and each time you board with us (we do not keep these records on file therefore it is incumbent upon you to show us your receipt each time you check in).  Vaccines for Distemper, Parvo, Kennel Cough (Bordatella) and Rabies are the ones we are primarily concerned with.

*Effective January 1st 2019, in addition to bordetella (kennel cough vaccine) all daycare, grooming and boarding dogs must show proof of veterinary administered canine influenza (H3N8 and H3N2 combination vaccines.) Thank you for understanding my goal in keeping all dogs under my care safe and happy.

We do not accept the following:

1.       1. Photocopied papers lacking your veterinarian’s name and logo.

2.       2. Records on I-Phones.

3.       3. Folders with “check marks” next to the vaccines.

4.       4. Owner administered vaccines.

5.       5. Dogs that have been vaccinated less than 48 hours prior to boarding.

Please research the status of your dog’s vaccinations well before your trip.  We have, and will continue to refuse drop offs (even if you are supposed to be boarding a plane in an hour) if we do not see the documentation we are requesting.  This policy is in place for the health and safety of all of the pets in our care and it is not negotiable.


We require all dogs and cats be maintained on flea prevention.  We will not accept animals for boarding that have obvious “itching issues” (constant scratching, raw spots, etc.) unless there is an accompanying veterinary statement that the pet is under treatment and flea or mange free.  Upon check in if we determine fleas are present your pet will be bathed before entering our kennel with an additional fee for this service added to your bill at time of pick up.


We require that you provide all food, treats and any required medications for your dog or cat.  Please pack an adequate amount of food/medication so that we may feed and/or medicate your pet per your instructions taking into account that you may be delayed with your return.  We accept all forms of processed or home cooked diets that your pet is accustomed to.  There is no additional charge for medicating your pet.

We do not accept the following:

1.       1. Raw diets. (raw bones are allowed under certain circumstances)

2.       2. Food or treats that are not normally consumed by your pet.

3. All bedding coming in with your pet must be freshly cleaned and completely machine washable.  Therefore we cannot accept the following:

1.       4. “Sack” style beds that are not 100% machine washable and not over 45” in diameter.

2.       5. Memory foam beds.

3.       6. Heavy quilts, sleeping bags, outdoor furniture padding or commercial packing blankets.

4.       7. Dirty bedding of any kind (including overly hairy and/or odorous).

You are welcome to bring toys that will help to entertain your dogs/cats in your absence.  However we reserve the right to refuse toys that light up, make unsettling noises that would be unfamiliar to other pets or toys that are overly loud.  Please do not bring any toys or treats that your dog or cat have not experienced with you prior to boarding.  We do not want your pet to become ill or injured from a product you have not already tested.

We prefer to use our own stainless steel bowls and buckets.  Therefore we would appreciate you leaving your pet’s bowls at home unless you have observed that they will not eat or drink out of anything but those particular bowls.

We will most likely remove your dog’s collar if there are more than one or two tags on it.  Likewise we will remove any prong collar and/or any collar that can constrict.

Thank you for your time in reading this information again these rules and guidelines are established for the health and well being of all animals boarded with us.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at 207-368-2442.

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