Betsy Newman has been a professional groomer for many years. She started offering grooming services to dogs in the early 80's at her boarding kennel in Dixmont, ME and has continued to keep her hand in the grooming field through dog shows and now all breed dog and cat grooming at Moosehead Trail Boarding Kennel in Newport, ME. 

Several things set Betsy apart from other groomers.  One is the fact that she does not take on too many dogs in one day.  Although grooming is offered 7 days a week, each dog is scheduled so that it is coming in approximately when the previous dog is leaving allowing Betsy to focus her attention on the individual in front of her.  This focus provides for less distractions.  Less distraction means less stress for the dog.  It is important that the dog that is being groomed is not stressed because the groomer is pushed for time.  Rushing causes a loss of detail, avoidable accidents and an overall bad experience for the dog.

Another thing that sets Betsy aside from other groomers is her experience with Obedience Training.  As a former professional Obedience Instructor Betsy has learned to handle dogs who "act out" while being groomed without being abusive.  She has also learned over 30+ years to listen to the owner and what the owner's desires are by applying her listening skills developed in classes to her grooming clients.

Finally, Betsy's exposure to a high number of breeds throughout her kennel management and show career has enabled her to recognize what a breed should look like.  It is always her effort, with the owners approval, to bring the dog to it's breed standard through grooming.  Many people comment on the great job and the reasonable rates.  She is thanked repeatedly for taking her time with the dogs and for trying her best to provide what the owner wants for the final look.

Ashley DuPont is Betsy’s daughter. Ashley has apprenticed with Betsy for several years and has been grooming full time for over a year while Betsy enjoys a part time schedule. Ashley brings a very gentle hand an artistic eye to her style of grooming which makes her an excellent first experience for young dogs. Ashley currently grooms Monday thru Thursday, while Betsy is available Fridays and Saturdays.
Both Betsy and Ashley are accepting select new grooming clients. Please feel free to call to learn more about the grooming services offered.