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Class Schedule & Fees

All classes have limited enrollment to ensure personal attention and require advance registration. Click here to Print the "Basic Class Enrollment/Agreement Form." Complete and mail form to Betsy Newman, 101 Fernald Rd, Newport, ME 04953. Call for class details and directions: 207-368-2442

*You cannot enroll online*

2018 Fees:

Basic Obedience - 7wks - $140

Intermediate Obedience - 6wks - $120

Advanced Obedience - 5wks - $100

Pittsfield Location: Pittsfield Driftbusters Snowmobile Club

Newport Location: outside at Moosehead Trail Boarding Kennel (weather permitting - rain location will be indoors in Pittsfield at the Driftbusters Snowmobile Club)



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AKC C.G.C. (Canine Good Citizenship) as well as AKC STARR Puppy evaluations are available at the end of the intermediate level of training.

 Course Outline:

Basic Obedience - 7wks - $140.00 

The general benefits from Basic Obedience are on lead group socialization with other dogs; owners learning the language, techniques and timing necessary to train any size dog with any type personality and ultimately control of the dog no matter how many distraction are present. 

All dog ages from 8wks to geriatric are integrated in Basic Obedience. It has been observed that puppies who attend "puppy only" classes learn that they can rush up to any age dog with no regard to that dog's personality. From this we see puppies being seriously injured when encountering a dominant aggressive dog for the first time. By integrating the ages the older dogs in the class will teach the puppies about different personalities allowing them to learn that there is a right way and a wrong way to approach an unknown dog. 

All persons joining Back to Basics training must first attend Basic Obedience with Betsy regardless of prior training. There are no treats or "clickers" allowed in class which will be discussed at greater length during orientation. 

Despite an obvious interest in dog obedience competition all classes are taught for pet ownership with refined instruction after class for anyone interested in perusing competition. 

Week 1 - Orientation. This class is mandatory attendance and is done without the dog. All questions about training philosophies, equipment used and what to expect the following week will be discussed. This class frequently runs over an hour due to open style discussion. 

Week 2 - Collar fitting (included in the cost of the class) and beginning Heel and Sit. 

  Week 3 - Recall 
Week 4 - Stay 
  Week 5 - Down 
  Week 6 - Stand 

Week 7 - introduction to Intermediate off lead heeling. "Pull tabs" are supplied (included in the cost of the class) as the intermediate tool between on lead and off lead heeling. 

Intermediate Obedience - 6wks - $120.00 

This course may only be attended after completing Basic with Betsy. The focus here will be expanded exercises to practice Basic skills; beginning off lead heeling; beginning off lead recalls (group and individual); increasing the distance of separation on stays and hand signal work. 

**CGC (Canine Good Citizen) evaluations can be done at the completion of Intermediate 1 for those interested.